Briqs for Mac

with Bootstrap

Build responsive websites in no time

Build complete multi-page pixel-perfect website projects from prototyping all the way up to the export of clean, production-ready code. Available for free from the Mac App Store.

A modern web design tool.

Responsive Design Workflow

Briqs creates and manages the grid while you arrange the components on its canvas. Customize the column span and offset, Briqs will care for all the rest.

Pixel perfect control over your design

All CSS styles in the intuitive inspector: multiple background layers, shadows, border styles, rounded corners, web-safe font-stacks, Google Web Fonts and more ...

With Bootstrap

Select from a vast library of components of this popular front-end framework. Briqs provides you with unparalleled customization with unique ease at hand

Multi-page clickable web design projects

With Briqs you can create a complete project and test different flows by linking pages and components on the same page.

Design for all devices

Refine your designs for different devices on the fly, while Briqs is managing the complexity of media queries for you. Transparent and easy.

Unparallelled export features

Export your project or parts of it as clean production-ready code, as compact HTML where all accessory-files are contained within a page itself or as rendered bitmap images in a format of your wish.

This website was designed and built entirely in Briqs. Resize the browser to see how it fits different devices. Dive into the source to see the quality of the code.

The quality and speed you expect from a Mac application

Briqs is built exclusively for Mac. Only like that advanced features are possible that skyrocket the safety of your data and push your workflow efficiency to the next level. Keyboard shortcuts, the user interface controls and menus, everything behaves right as you expect.

And much more to come ...

The Briqs team plans to introduce more functionality in the future: custom user-defined element collections, WYSIWYG margins and paddings, templates, CSS gradients and transforms, more Bootstrap components, a JavaScript editor … just to name a few.

See the complete current and planned features list


Briqs is for free with optional accessories. Available on the Mac App Store.


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